T + D = ♥

I found this little gem while looking through old pictures on my computer. It's from last summer when my boyfriend Dan carved our initials into a log, isn't it the sweetest?

Here are 10 things you may not know about Danny:

1. He is my best friend

2. He makes the BEST smores in the world

3. He is a math genius (future high school math teacher!)

4. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese

5. He challenges me to grow in my walk with God

6. He rubs his eyes when he's sleepy

7. He is a certified lifeguard

8. He suprises me with everything from flowers to suprise visits from Bozeman

9. His blue eyes and smile make me melt

10. He is a natural at country line dancing

Love you Danny!


I am so thrilled that you've visited this lil blog of mine. I appreciate each and every comment.