California Vacation Part I

I just got back from a four day vacation to California and had a blast! I have a lot of pictures to share so this is the first in a 3 day series of posts. Although it was short, I couldn't have asked for a more fun time with family and to celebrate my cousin Denim's graduation.

I want to thank the Spoleti' aunt Michelle, uncle Paul, Denim and Mia for making my family's trip to California possible. We appreciate it so much! Also it was wonderful to see Uncle Chris, Grandad and Nancy and my sweet Nana Liberty. :)

On Thursday, we woke up to a beautiful sunny day and started of with lunch at the famous Aroma Cafe. All 10 of us snuggled up at a table in the outdoor seating and enjoyed the scenery, the food and the company!

Across the street from the cafe, I fell in love with a wonderful litte vintage shop. I am definitely "Vintage at <3"!

They had so many lovely things, I wish I could have stayed longer! But the girls had more shopping to do so after lunch, we headed over to the major outdoor shopping area...the Americana!

The Americana is a beautiful shopping center with outdoor fountains and even a trolley! Obviously I was little distracted so I didn't get many pictures but here are some apartments you can rent above the Cheesecake Factory! Cassidy and I's dream home :)

Dear Anthropologie:

Can I live in your store forever? I promise to not take up much room.

Sincerley, Tyler.

After a major shopping afternoon, we headed back to my Aunt Michelle's house. Mia and I practiced blowing bubbles. She was totally a pro.

Isn't she just the sweetest?!
As if the day couldn't have been more perfect, we ended with takeout from a California staple, In & Out! Followed by and a few games of bingo lead by the lovely Mia Claire!

Stay tuned for Part II!

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