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Happy New Year! Along with many resolutions that may or may not come true (Probably not) is my goal to revive this lonely blog. A lot of has happened since my last post. The past couple months have been devoted to living in the big city of Great Falls, Montana, learning to live on my own, surviving super intense dental hygiene school and drinking lots of lattes on the way. Regardless of whether anyone reads this little blog of mine or not, I am looking forward to continuing it next semester as a creative outlet and a break from tooth talk. Just as a little catch up, here is what I have accomplished during my absence...

  1. Made it out of my first semester of dental hygiene school ALIVE!
  2. First 4 months living in my very own apartment with the roomie and having fun being adultish.
  3. 2.5 year dating milestone with little Danny <3
  4. Photographed first senior session along with a few others on the photoblog
  5. Made lots of delicious treats (That were not documented).
  6. Turned 21 and try as I might...still do not like the taste of alcohol :/
  7. Had an amazing Christmas break at home with family and friends.
  8. Enjoyed laying in my pajamas all day FAR too much.
  9. Attended my very first ugly christmas sweater party.
  10. Went on a walk on January 1st without dressing like an eskimo for the first time ever...are you sure it isn't spring?!

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