30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I have a confession to make: I am a terrible blogger. When I have time to do it, I LOVE it. But these days with DH School consuming every waking hour of my life, this doesn't always happen. That is why I have decided to start a 30 day challenge (Thanks Elle!) to bring this little blog of mine back to life! So here we go...

Day 01: Your Current Relationship

That little cutie right there is my boyfriend Dan of almost 3 years. We started dating during the end of senior year when we were both 18. After many failed attempts at finding a date for senior prom, a mutual friend set us up. Instead of asking me to prom, Dan sent me an animated invite that he made in a graphic design class to my favorite Switchfoot song. I cried and knew this one was a keeper.

The summer after we graduated, I spent 6 weeks in LA with my aunt as an intern for her line Mimi Chica. After missing my new boyfriend terribly, he flew in with my family to spend a week together in California. It was an absolute dream!

Flash forward to today...I am in Great Falls in my junior year of Dental Hygiene School and he is 3 hours away in Bozeman, one year away from becoming a high school math teacher. In between long phone calls and skype dates, we try to see each other every 3 weeks. We both enjoy going out for coffee, watching entire tv series together, and building blanket forts. Dan and I are laid back and he makes an effort to tell me I am beautiful everyday. I am so blessed to call him mine. Although we are further away, we have never felt closer. Dan is absolutely my best friend and I would wait another 10 years to be with him!

(We like taking pictures by large bodies of water, can't you tell?)

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