30 Day Challenge: Day 6

So I am a little behind on posts, that is why they call it a challenge right? I am also skipping day 5 because.... I don't have an answer for that one! So here goes...

30 Interesting Facts about Yourself

1. I can anesthetize people! One of the scariest and coolest things I have learned in dental hygiene school
2. I was a nominee for Senior Prom Queen
3. I spent 6 weeks as a fashion intern at Mimi Chica
4. I have a younger sister who is 15 years old
5. I have never stayed at the same high school/college for more than 2 years.
6. I study best at a coffee shop (I have my favorites that I rotate every weekend)
7. I have met the disney stars on Wizards of Waverley Place
8. I have lived in every major city in Montana except 2
9. My dad was born in the Philippines
10. I have never had my wisdom teeth taken out
11. My favorite pizza ever is margherita pizza

12. I have an overgrowing scarf collection
13. I have a fear of heights and flying
14. Dan is the only boy I have ever dated
15. I have a habit of throwing my clothes on the floor...and not picking them up :)
16. When I was five I wanted to work at Mcdonald's when I grew up
17. I have a strong aversion to french toast
18. Fall is my favorite season

19. I want to live near Seattle when I graduate
20. The only sport I have ever played is tennis
21. My favorite cupcake is red velvet with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting
22. I work at Pier 1 Imports
23. I am addicted to Diet Coke
24. I am still learning how to tell time on a non-digital clock
25. My favorite summer job ever was being a second shooter for a wedding photographer (Can you imagine going to weddings all summer as a job?!)
26. My favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice, Breakfast at Tiffany's and P.S. I Love You

27. Four words: Hunger Games Midnight Premiere (!)
28. I have a loveable dog named Chloe
29. I have never been to the east coast
30. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends!

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  2. Tyler, this made me smile! I so enjoyed reading this and the pictures next to it:)


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