My Life in iPhone Pictures...

Hello blogland! Sorry my lack of updates, things have been getting cray cray up in here! In between clinic, work and studying, I have been barely able to keep up on everything! But on a good note, I have finally jumped on the iphone bandwagon and thus have proof of my existence over the last 3 weeks. :)

Here are some of my fav instagram pics. You can follow me at @mstylernicole!

Polka dot love

Spring snow showers

Hunger Gamesss

Check out more of this beautiful belly on my Photography blog!

Can't get enough of the 60-70 degree weather!

Loved this recipe for Greek Quesadillas.

How lucky am I that I get to run on this trail that follows the Missouri River?! Only 5 minutes from my house none the less :)

Spring fever :)


  1. Such fun phone images! Especially your pictures of the running trail - I adore running.

    xo Tori

  2. Hey, it was great getting to meet you a few months ago!! I love your blog and I'm excited to follow it! Also, I went and checked out your photography site... you are an AMAZING photographer. If I ever need photos taken, I know who to call!!

    Have a great week.


  3. i also adore polka dots! i'd love a phone case filled with polka dots...i'm on the look out!


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